Report a Problem


  • You might be shocked at how many problems can be resolved by restarting your device. Please try a simple restart before putting in a ticket for printers, tablets, computers and phones.
  • Please understand that we are limited to what we can do to help with personally-owned devices.

🍎Staff ONLY – Please click on the button below to report a a problem button

👩‍💻Students ONLY – Tech support is provided for virtual and in-person students.  Review the information below to determine how to request support.  

  • For immediate issues, in-person students should go to room 101 & virtual students should call 757-648-5567.
  • If the TST is unavailable or your issue doesn’t need immediate attention, go to the OLHS Bookmarks to fill out the Student Request for Tech Support or go directly to
  • For general questions, email

Please do not use this feature to report a problem. Go to the "Report a Problem" page and submit a ticket. Thank you!

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