How to start a help desk

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The Ocean Lakes Student Help Desk started in 2014 and has grown tremendously in the past two years. We have a wonderful group of students who work along side the Instructional Technology Specialists and the Technology Support Technician to help serve all of our school community’s technology needs.

By clicking on the image above, you will be take to a timeline designed to accompany our VSTE presentation on December 5th.  This presentation will show you why we decided to build a student help desk, how we began the process, and what our help desk looks like today.

We have also developed a detailed planning document to help anyone interested in starting their own help desk.  Additionally, this HyperDoc offers a guided process to begin planning a student help desk.

Thanks to everyone who presented at VSTE 2016!


Front (L to R): Keano Rich, Rachel Zidow, Sydney DeSena.  Back (L to R): Andres Garrido (Technology Support Technician), Andrew Sorenson, Natalie Hackmann, Alexis Buonfigli, Meri Riddick (Instructional Technology Specialist), Bridget Mariano (Instructional Technology Specialist).

Thanks to all presenters at the VBCPS February ITS Meeting!


Front (L to R): Rachel Zidow, Sydney DeSena, Natalie Hackmann, Alexis Buonfigli, Andrew Sorenson, Meri Riddick (Instructional Technology Specialist). Back (L to R): Kylee Schoolcraft, Bridget Mariano (Instructional Technology Specialist), Keano Rich, Andres Garrido (Technology Support Technician), Lucas Alexander, David Parrish.