How to join the Pod Squad

The information on this page is for the independent study course offered at OLHS.  Those students who wish to apply for the tech support desk as a service block, click HERE.

The OLHS Student Help Desk is an independent, problem-based learning environment that provides students with firsthand experience integrating technology in an educational context.  The Student Help Desk is an independent study course (1/2 credit each semester) designed to provide tech support AND technology integration assistance to the student body and instructional staff.  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?  Our student helpers can help fix VBCPS technology and can help you use new tech tools in the classroom.

Student Help Desk members will engage in various activities like—

  • basic troubleshooting (software, malware, internet/network issues, Google, iPads, computers, Chromebooks, interactive whiteboards, projectors, printers, etc.).
  • developing and sharing resources (using Microsoft Office, Google Docs, WordPress blog posts, Twitter, and/or webcasting & editing tools).
  • providing instructional support to students and staff (may include setting up technology tool use for classes, researching various tools, creating tutorials for teacher and student use, providing in-class support for use of the tool).
  • manning Help Desk kiosk events (wireless connection events).
  • planning, supporting, and/or implementing a school-wide program (like Cyber Seniors, Hour of Code, Google Boot Camp, etc.).
  • responding to student and teacher technology needs (may need to identify problems, find a solution, create a tutorial to share that solution with the school).
  • creating app reviews to share the pros and cons of various tools (Google, iPad, Android, & Web 2.0).
  • presenting at a conference (2016-17 Pod Squad Members presented at VSTE & the VBCPS ITS citywide meeting to help others start their own help desks).

Check out our promo video to learn more about how we serve OLHS.

Applicants will receive training, so an extensive technology-related knowledge base isn’t a prerequisite.  




Students interested in joining the Pod Squad should review the Pod Squad Course Description, Performance Evaluation, and view other resources carefully before applying. This class is unlike any other offered at OLHS.

Pod Squad Course Description

Pod Squad Performance Evaluation


Ready to apply?

NOTE – Please be aware that the OLHS Student Help Desk is an independent study course. In order to apply for the course, you must have a free block on your schedule. This class will take the place of a study block or free block.

Since the application has multiple parts, a planning document has been made available to you.  Please be sure you are logged in to your VBCPS Google account before you access your own copy of the application planning document HERE..

Once you are ready to complete the Google Form application, access it HERE.  Applications must be received (including THREE teacher recommendations) before Friday, May 25, 2018.


Contact Mrs. Riddick ( or Mrs. Leary ( via email or stop by our office in the Library Media Center.