Google Boot Camp

What’s the Pod Squad been up to lately?  GOOGLE BOOT CAMP!

What is Google Boot Camp?  Linked below are our series of monthly Google Boot Camp tutorials, designed to aid you in optimizing your use of G-Suite tools and programs associated with your VBCPS Google accounts.

  1. Part One features how you can manage your Chrome Browser.
  2. Part Two showcases how to manage and organize your Google Drive.
  3. Part Three highlights the easiest ways to navigate Google Classroom.
  4. Part Four demonstrates how to extract important files/information from your VBCPS Google Drive as you head off into the real world after graduation.

How do I use it?  We have included tutorial versions for both Windows machines and Chromebooks, so that you can learn the skills for the device you use most often.  Simply click the tutorial version that applies to you, and follow along the self-paced tutorial to learn more about how you can best use these tools every day in the classroom.  Engage in the activities to practice your Google skills.

These tutorials are all self-paced, so take your time and explore them to learn more about these fantastic tools.

Not seeing something you want to learn more about? If you have any suggestions for tutorials/information regarding VBCPS Google accounts, please email or, stop by room 205, or Tweet (@OLHShelp) suggestions.  We would love to hear from you! Happy learning, dolphins!

Thanks to Pod Squad members,  Alexis & Natalie, for developing these useful tutorials!

If you would like more information about VBCPS Google accounts, please check out the Google tab on our website.

Part 1 – Managing the Chrome Browser

Many students miss out on the customization features of the Google Chrome browser simply because they only log in to the Google Classroom app and not the browser itself. Managing the Chrome Browser tutorials teach users how to log in to the Chrome browser to personalize their settings, apps, and extensions.  Unlike Internet Explorer, personalized browser settings are available on any device once you log in to the browser.

TUTORIALS – Please select the tutorial based on the device you are currently using.

  • Chromebooks – Access the self-paced tutorial HERE.
  • Windows 7 (laptops & desktops) – Access the self-paced tutorial HERE.

ACTIVITIES – Ready to apply your skills?  Try out our self-paced activities below.  If you are using a Windows machine, be sure you are signed in to the Chrome browser before you get started.  Chromebooks automatically log users in to the browser.

Part 2 – Google Drive (including sharing permissions)

Google Drive is a fabulous tool that can be used to store files, photos, videos, and more. Unlike Internet Explorer, you can access your Google Drive anywhere by simply logging in to your school Google account.  This self-paced tutorial will review Drive features and navigation.  The tutorial also includes an explanation of sharing permissions within your VBCPS account. 

TUTORIAL – This tutorial is applicable to both Chromebooks and Windows machines.  To view the tutorial, click HERE.

ACTIVITIES – Ready to apply some basic Google Drive and Google Docs skills?  Try out our self-paced activities below.  Be sure you are signed in to the Chrome browser before you get started.

Part 3 – Managing Google Classroom 

Google Classroom is a classroom management platform that allows teachers to create, distribute, and assess content and assignments.  The app is only available with Google Apps for Education accounts.  Access our tutorial below to learn how to navigate your workflow in Classroom, post to the steam, submit assignments, locate your Classroom folder in Drive and MORE!

TUTORIAL – Access the self-paced tutorial HERE.

Part 4 – Google Takeout (Cloud Storage Migration)

Google Takeout allows users to export and relocate important files/information from VBCPS Google accounts.  Due to file size limitations on shared school computers, we ask that you engage in these steps on a personal device at home.


  • Access the self-paced tutorial HERE.
  • Access a printable copy HERE.