Common Problems and FAQs

Want tech support information regarding your 1 to 1 student device?  Click on your device below to access the page.

Q. TestNav is not launching correctly.  I get an error code.  What do I do?
A. Please visit the Pearson Support page for details regarding each error code.

Q.  The laptop says “No logon servers available” what can I do?
A.  Click HERE for a slideshow tutorial that will take you through the options. Click HERE for a document/printable version of the tutorial.

Q.  I’m trying to connect my computer to a printer in the building.  How can I print?
A.  We have a tutorial that encompasses all types of printer connections. Whether you’re connecting to your printer using a cable, installing a networked printer on multiple computers, or just trying to quickly install a lab printer, we’ve got you covered! Click HERE to access this tutorial.

Q. I need a new toner cartridge for a VBCPS printer.  How can I request and install new toner?
A.  To request new a new toner cartridge, submit a ticket to the TST.  To expedite your request, be sure to include the printer model number and six digit barcode.  You may  request toner installation by a student helper, or you can follow the simple steps below to replace your own toner cartridge.

Q.  I’m not sure if the device I’m using is connected to the correct wireless network. How do I know if I’m using the proper network?
A.  We have a Slides presentation that provides detailed information regarding the appropriate network for various school-owned and personal devices.  Click HERE to access the information.  Thanks, Lucas!

Q. How do I hook up my desktop?
A.  We have several different scenarios in the classrooms, but this video will give you instructions of how to hook up your desktop to the teacher plate.  How Do I Hook This Thing Up?

Q. How do I set up my OneDrive?
A.  OneDrive is available to all students and faculty through the Office365 program.  We recommend that teachers sync their OneDrive to their new laptops and the attached instructions will walk you through that process: OneDrive set up instructions  If you run into any problems, please “Report a Problem.”


Q. My Monitor keeps flashing Auto Adjustment In Progress.  What can I do?
A. Unplug the power supply to the monitor and hold down the power button for 30-60 seconds, the plug back in and power on “or” go into the monitors menu and factory reset the monitor.

If you still need help, report a problem OR see a Pod Squad member if you need help with anything!


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