Introduction to Chromebooks

Chromebooks are different from laptops and desktops.  Review the Introduction to Chromebooks presentation to learn some Chromebook basics.  Check out Chromebook keyboard shortcuts for quick tips.  Thanks to Mrs. Leary for the Google Slides Presentation!

Screenshot on a Chromebook

View the tutorial HERE to learn how to take, locate, share, and edit screenshots.

Access SchoolNet Secure Tester on Chromebooks

To view the process for accessing and launching the SchoolNet Secure Tester for SchoolNet tests, click HERE.

Access Clever Portal on Chromebooks – Select Sign in with Google

To avoid the persistent “Authentication Required” error on Chromebooks, select Sign in with Google when accessing the Clever Portal.  Learn more HERE.


Fix Chromebooks – Unable to Log in with New Network Password

If you have had your network password changed, and the Chromebook does not seem to accept your new password, please engage in the steps below.  If it still doesn’t work, please submit a ticket.   Be sure to include your student ID number, full name, teacher’s name, block, and Chromebook barcode (six-digits) on the ticket.

Update Chrome OS – Fix the Clever “Authentication Required” Error on Chromebooksclever-authentication-error

Chromebook users who attempt to access programs (like Achieve3000) through the Clever portal have been experiencing problems that require users to log in multiple times.  The fix requires users to upgrade the operating system (OS) on the Chromebooks.

View the tutorial HERE to learn how to update the Chrome OS.  Thanks, Natalie!

Cengage Textbook System Check on Chromebooks – Allow Pop-ups

Chromebook users who had experienced difficulty accessing their online Cengage textbook should view the blog post HERE to run a system check and disable pop-up blockers for the site.