Achieve3000 – Teacher & Student Resources

Student Resources

Logging In Using Clever

Check out our blog post to figure out how to log in and access Achieve3000 through the Clever single sign-on portal.  Access it HERE.

Complete the LevelSet Pre-Assessment

The first time you attempt to access Achieve3000, you will be prompted to take the LevelSet test.  The test is being administered through social studies classes and should be completed by October 14, 2016.

Overview of Achieve3000

Get an overview of the 5-Step Literacy Routine.  Click HERE to view the Welcome video. Discover how the program is designed to differentiate content and set career goals based on your current Lexile score.

Getting Started – Planning a Career, Interpreting Lexile Scores, Setting Lexile Growth Goals, & Tracking Activities

  1. Plan a Career – This feature allows you to go to the Career Center, select careers of interest, identify the target Lexile scores for those careers, and compare those targets to your current Lexile score.  View the tutorial HERE.   We visit the career center first, because you are only able to view your Lexile score AFTER you have selected some career interests.
  2. Interpret Lexile Score  – Use THIS document to interpret your current Lexile score that is based on ranges set by grade level.
  3. Set Growth Goals –  Use your current Lexile score, target Lexile scores for your chosen careers, and the Lexile score chart by grade level to complete the PLANNING YOUR CAREER document.
  4. Tracking Activities – Lexile scores are adjusted on the last day of every month. A minimum of FOUR activities must be completed in order for the adjustment to take place.  A first-try activity score of 75% or higher must be achieved in order for the Lexile score to improve.  Use THIS document to track your first-try activity scores.

Teacher Resources

Ongoing teacher support:

There is a completely reimagined Achieve3000 Hub with essential resources to help you maximize learning gains with Achieve3000. Watch a demo here.  Visit the Achieve3000 Hub for Implementation Resources.

Helping Students Analyze Their Own Data & Set Progress Goals with Achieve3000

THIS document includes tips for use and hyperlinks to additional resources.

Implementation Ideas from Achieve3000 Support

  1. Keep up with weekly progress by accessing the Usage Report in your Achieve Mailbox (from your teacher homepage)
  2. The monthly Lexile adjustments are now at the bottom of their homepage in a section called:  KEY INSIGHTS.  Currently, that section is all about LevelSet completion.  Please remind everyone that they have 3 weeks to make any necessary adjustments in those scores.  The report links are provided in a “pop up” when teachers click the MORE button.
  3.  Provide incentives to motivate quality usage.
  4. Student use: Support students as they work through the 5-Step Literacy Routine.  Remember to assign a few strategic Reading Connections OR Highlight guidelines OR use the graphic organizer to promote close reading of text.
  5. New grading tools: Quickly and easily provide feedback and assign grades to Thought Questions, increasing students’ chances of success. Watch a demo here.
  6. This video will be a quick review of how to assign additional articles:  My Lessons  (7:26)
  7. Read this document to learn how you can prepare your students for success so you can:
    • Stretch your students and provide more exposure to grade-appropriate complex text with the Stretch lessons
    • Build Stamina with Longer Passages and more rigorous content.
  8. Review this document to learn how Achieve3000’s Bonus lessons are built to mimic the online testing experience (technology-enhanced items) by using question formats that students will face when they take the actual assessment.
  9. Some of you felt the Career Center would be of benefit to your students.  Resources > Career Center on the student home screen.  Selecting a career as a “top career” will enable a student to track Lexile growth.


  1. Enable Audio Support for Students with Accommodations

Gathering Data to Monitor Student Growth

USEFUL REPORTS – From your dashboard, click on the pancake stack (under EmpowerPRO VA Edition in the upper, left-hand corner)>REPORTS>Performance>select the reports listed below.

  1. How has Lexile performance changed over time?  (This report provides a monthly snapshot of the number of activities in the selected date range and provides any Lexile adjustments.)
  2. How are my students performing on activities?  (This report provides an average activity score for the selected date range.)

Thanks to Sandy Ballard for the information.