Our Inspiration: Burlington HS Help Desk

We would like to thank the members of the Burlington High School Help Desk for inspiring Ocean Lakes High School to start a student run help desk. Please visit their site
at http://bhshelpdesk.com/

Meet the Pod Squad!

We started the 2015-2016 school year with a group of three students and staff who were clearly dedicated, creative, and intent on learning new skills! Our inaugural group set the bar high for the new program at Ocean Lakes High School.  We have ten student helpers for the 2017-18 school year.  Meet them!

2017-2018 Pod Squad

Students 17-18


In addition to the TEN student help desk students, Ocean Lakes has two additional students to help with troubleshooting. Josh and Wilson are enrolled in the Computer Systems Technology program at the ATC.  Part of their coursework involves a mentorship with the technology support technician at OLHS (Mr. Garrido).  Every 3B and 4B, these students work with our TST and Pod Squad members to provide technology support to the school.  Wilson is an OLHS student, but Josh comes to us from Salem HS.  

2016-2017 Pod Squad


help desk 2.jpg

Front (L to R): Rachel Zidow, Natalie Hackmann, Sydney DeSena, Keano Rich, Lucas Alexander. Back (L to R): Andres Garrido (Technology Support Techician), Meri Riddick (Instructional Technology Specialist), Bridget Mariano (Instructional Technology Specialist), Kylee Schoolcraft, Andrew Sorenson, David Parrish. Not pictured: Alexis Buonfigli.


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