Add Character with Canva & Personality with Piktochart

Were you just assigned an online poster project? Or maybe you were instructed to create an infographic online, but you have no clue what an infographic is? Did your teacher tell you to use whatever tool you want, but you have no idea what’s out there other than Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Wordle?  

Well, we have some great news for you – Piktochart and Canva are the PERFECT web-based creation tools for you!  Both of these tools offer countless ways to design and customize posters, infographics, social media posts, slides, and more!  Whether you’re designing a graphic or crafting a card – these tools have it all, and we’d love to help you explore them.

These tutorials will teach you-

  • What an infographic is
  • The purpose of an infographic
  • How to sign into the Chrome browser
  • How to sign into these websites with your school accounts
  • How to navigate the Canva and Piktochart websites
  • How to create your own infographics
  • How to save and share your masterpieces

Follow the self-paced tutorials below by clicking the images below for each website.


Note – Use Canva to collaborate with your peers.


We hope the tutorials help you explore these awesome web tools! If you have any questions or suggestions for other tutorials, contact the Pod Squad through Twitter @OLHSHelp, or in Room 205.  


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