The Answer to Your TouchCast Editing Needs

Did you fumble on your words while recording, but can’t figure out an easy way to fix it? Want to bedazzle your TouchCast video, but don’t know how? Here is a tutorial that can guide you to make the best and most creative video using TouchCast Studio for iPads.  TouchCast Studio is a green screen recording app that is available on iPads located in the library.  To access the tutorial, click on the link below.  


Want to learn more about the capabilities of TouchCast Studio?  While this app is SUPER user-friendly, it’s also easy to get a little lost and overwhelmed while using the editing options. Check out the additional tutorial below is how to find the best Tutorials and How-To’s for the TouchCast Studio app.


Need a refresher or to learn the basics of TouchCast Studio?  Access the TouchCast Studio beginner tutorials HERE.