You’re graduating!!!! Whaaaaaaat!?? Headed off to college? Going to a trade school? Getting a J-O-B? Welcome to the real world! As you head off to wherever life takes you next, your school Google account and all of it’s data will no longer be accessible to you.  You’re not going to be a VBCPS student anymore, so you won’t have a VBCPS account.  BUT…. you might need some (or all) of those files you’ve worked so hard to create over the years. Downloading each file individually and re-uploading it to a new location would take FOREVER… so here’s our solution for you – GOOGLE TAKEOUT!   

This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Sign out of school Google accounts
  • Export important files, information, resources, etc. from school Google accounts.
  • Relocate downloaded data to a desired location.

Follow the self-paced slides tutorial by clicking the image below, or click HERE for a step-by-step document version.


We hope these tutorials will make your transition out of Ocean Lakes a little easier. Your journey has just begun, and we wish you the best of luck in wherever life takes you next!

THANK YOU to Mr. Jacoby of Albemarle County Schools for assisting us in this tutorial process!