Flippin’ out for Flippity.net! The BEST Google Sheets app there is!

Scared of Google Sheets?

Don’t implement technology often?

Not to worry!

Flippity is an easy-to-use Google Sheets curation app designed specifically for TEACHER use!

The website currently provides teachers with 13 spectacular templates which can be used for purposes including managing the classroom efficiently, utilizing technology in content-based learning, and celebrating student achievement.

Please note:

  1. To access any Flippity template, teachers MUST be logged into their school accounts. Access will not be granted without these administrative rights!
  2. While the curation of each template is solely accessible by the teacher, each can publish their work to the web (included in website instructions) in order to allow students access and the ability to use it!

Within the HyperDoc below, teachers can explore the many templates Flippity has to offer by using the direct instructions from the website itself!

Additionally, if any teacher wishes to take Flippity a step further, the NEW Google Sheets add-on feature is available – again with direct instruction from the website.

Happy exploring this flippin’ amazing tool and using it in your own classroom!

Want your own copy of the HyperDoc?  Get your copy HERE.