Easily Share Selected Web Text in Context with the TL;DR-ify Bookmarklet Tool

If you’re a fan of URL shorteners, check out TLDRify.  The bookmarklet tool is quick and easy!

What Does It Do?  TL;DR-ify (or Too Long; Didn’t Read) is a web-based tool that allows users to create a shortened link to any text on the internet.  Users can share selected text on the internet using a shortened URL.  Once the shortened URL is opened, the selected text appears as highlighted text within the context of original article/post/site (see example below).


How Does It Work?

The web tool is free and doesn’t require downloads, accounts, or logins.  Visit http://tldrify.com/ for step-by-step instructions. The process is incredibly easy; there are only FOUR steps!

Limitation – TL;DR-ify must be used on the Chrome browser.

Optional Components

  • Users can install the TLDRify Chrome extension. The extension appears to be in its infancy, but if you use Chrome extensions more than bookmarks, you may prefer this option.
  • Create an account to archive TLDRify links. Account creation does NOT require email validation, so students may use their VBCPS email accounts (123456@vbstudents.com) to create an account.

Why Would I Use it?  Use TLDRify any time others may not have time to read an entire page on the web!  Check out some other uses below.

Teacher Uses

  • Targeted Analysis – Share a meaningful quote/passage for student analysis or response.
  • Clue Creation – Prepare digital clues for a BreakoutEDU game!
  • Save Time – Instead of paraphrasing information, share direct links to relevant information (open house, make-up days, Big Chill, etc.) with parents and students.

Student Uses

  • Save Sources – Highlight relevant information and save shortened URLs to for research.
  • Streamline Collaboration – Share specific information with group members to complete tasks more efficiently.