Printing from Google Slides and Google Docs with Comments-2 Tutorials

You know that really awesome presentation you made that you wish everyone could see?  How about that essay you wrote that had great feedback from your peers?

In Google Slides, you can print out your customized presentation in the form of handouts, or even print out your presentation with your notes on the same page!  This feature is especially helpful for teachers in lesson planning, so they can have some talking points with a tangible reference in the palm of their hand!  Also, students can easily see multiple slides on a page in the “Handout” format, and can quickly access any important information they may need.

In Google Docs, you can print out a document with all of the comments located at the bottom of the page, with internal citations as to where these comments belong.  This is helpful for essay revisions, so you can mark where you made changes/why you made them and when other students offer suggestions to improve your work.  Better yet, you can print out all of the nice things your peers commented on your work, so you can see your compliments all at once!  Also, when citing a source, the source can be easily credited with a simple subscript, and found at the bottom of your document.  

Linked below are the step by step tutorials on how to print from Google Slides and Google Docs!  Please note that printing from Google Slides is available on all operating systems, while printing from Google Docs is only available on Windows operating systems.

Printing From Google Slides

Printing from Google Docs with Comments