Khan Academy SAT Prep Online Class 2017 Edition

Attention OLHS students and staff!

Any student who completed the PSAT and received their scores can sign up for a College Board account and synchronize that account with their Khan Academy account.  This allows for personalized learning based on the PSAT performance.

Before you begin:

  • Students should use the Chrome browser.
  • Students need to READ the instructions on the slideshow below, LOOK at the images, and DO what it instructs them to do.
  • Students who don’t know their College Board account information should still complete the Khan Academy log in and complete the SAT diagnostic quiz.

The slides here will take students through the steps needed to:

  1. Set up a College Board account
  2. Sign into Khan with their school Google account and merge that with the Clever Portal Khan log in
  3. Sync their College Board account with their Khan Academy account so there PSAT scores are imported
  4. Access personalized training to prepare for the SAT.