Tutorials – Screenshots for Windows 7, 10 Machines & Chromebooks

We all know that a screenshot can easily be taken and shared on many phones, but how about on a computer?

Handy computer tools, like the Snipping Tool, as well as handy computer keys, like Print Screen, make it possible for users to snip or take a photo of the display on their computer for any purpose they choose!

Here are a few possible uses for the tools:

Easily provide documentation of an assignment

Take a snip/screenshot of your screen when the assignment is pulled up!

Easily provide documentation of an email

Snip/screenshot the time stamp and the email!

Easily transport images to the medium of your choice

Take a snip/screenshot of your picture and put it in a Google Doc, Google Slides presentation, etc.

Linked below are the step by step tutorials created by our Student Help Desk that illustrate the processes for taking a screenshot or snip on a Chromebook, Windows 7 computer, and Windows 10 computer.

Please note that the snipping tool is not available on Chromebooks, so that tutorial is for using Print Screen instead.

Good luck, and happy snipping/screenshotting!

Windows 7

Windows 10