App Review- Piktochart

Piktochart is an easy to use design tool that allows users the freedom to create customized and beautifully crafted infographics, posters, and more. This app offers a variety of icons, fonts, and templates, among other features, to create the infographic masterpiece you’ve envisioned.  Piktochart is a fabulous tool for both students and staff- our student helpers have mastered this app while using it for everything from projects in various classes to our Help Desk tutorials. This specific app review uncovers all of what Piktochart can and cannot do.  We hope you will explore this useful creation tool and look forward to seeing all that you do with this great app!

What can I use this app for? 

Piktochart is an online creation tool used to generate infographics, posters, and more.  It can be used for organizing information in an aesthetically pleasing way and to present ideas.

How much storage space will it take?

Since it is a web-based tool, it does not take up any additional storage on your device.  

How much does this app cost?

There is a free version and a paid version of this app.  However, the free version is extensive, so any additional packages are unnecessary.

Does this app require a login account?  

This app does require you login- but this can easily be done through your google account (school or personal).  If you are already logged into the chrome browser, you can simply click the login option that says “Sign up with Google”.

Does the app allow students to leave without losing progress?

Yes! The app automatically saves your progress every few minutes, so that you can leave the website without losing any progress. There is also a save button- so students can manually save their work if they please.  

Can students collaborate in real time with partners?

Unfortunately, students cannot collaborate within this app.  This app would have to be used for individual projects only.  

Can the app be accessed on various devices? Iphone? Android? Computer?

As of right now, the app is available on Ipads and computers only.  However, you can use the webtool in any web browser your device offers, it is just less effective.

Can students easily navigate this app with minimal teacher assistance?

This app is incredibly easy to use, but may seem overwhelming when you first log in.  Luckily, there is a self paced tutorial that launches immediately after you log in for the first time.  Once you’ve reviewed that, you will feel well prepared to navigate the app with ease.  If you ever get lost, there is also a help tool at the bottom right hand corner of the screen that can offer assistance.

Does the app allow students to publish/share their learning/products?

Student’s can publish their work to the web and share the link with a teacher, or they can download the infographic and upload it to Google Classroom.  

Does the app allow for customization?

YES. This app allows the user the freedom to build the creative and customized product of their dreams. Various fonts, colors, and backgrounds are available that the user can manipulate to create the exact product they’ve envisioned. It is possible to upload videos or images into the creation, or utilize the numerous graphics the app provides.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to insert sounds or background music. Users can also insert maps and charts to display their information in an easy to understand way.   

Are there any advertisements within the app?

Nope! You can peacefully create your work without being spammed with annoying ads!

Does the app provide templates or is student work created from scratch?

Both options are available! Students can choose to start their work from scratch, or they can manipulate one of the numerous templates the webtool offers.  

Does the app allow me to edit the uploaded images/videos I have inserted into the Piktochart?

Once you have uploaded an image or video into the Piktochart, your editing rights are strictly limited.  You can place a border around videos or images, and you can resize them, but other than that you are restricted from further editing.  We recommend you perform all edits before uploading the piece into Piktochart.

Would the Student Help Desk recommend this app to OLHS students and teachers?

We would highly recommend the use of this app in a classroom setting.  It is a phenomenal tool that allows students to generate creative products that organize information in a visually stimulating way.  Our student helpers have  used this tool for several projects both inside and outside of the Student Help Desk, and rave about it.




Here are some examples of how Piktochart can be used: