Part 1 Google Boot Camp – Managing the Chrome Browser

Google Boot Camp

What’s up with the Pod Squad lately? We’ve created a Google Boot Camp to teach our students and staff all about using their G-Suite accounts!  The tutorials linked below are self-paced & full of valuable information about how to best use a VBCPS Google account.  These tutorials are specific to Chromebooks and Windows machines, so please be sure you are accessing the tutorial that corresponds to the device you are using.

Thanks to Pod Squad members,  Alexis & Natalie, for developing these useful tutorials!

If you would like more information about VBCPS Google accounts, please check out the Google tab on our website.

Not seeing something you want to learn more about? If you have any suggestions for tutorials/information regarding VBCPS Google accounts, please email or, stop by room 205, or Tweet (@OLHShelp) suggestions.  We would love to hear from you!

Part 1 – Managing the Chrome Browser

Many students miss out on the customization features of the Google Chrome browser simply because they only log in to the Google Classroom app and not the browser itself.  Managing the Chrome Browser tutorials teach users how to log in to the Chrome browser to personalize their settings, apps, and extensions.  Unlike Internet Explorer, personalized browser settings are available on any device once you log in to the browser.

Please select the tutorial based on the device you are currently using.

  • Chromebooks – Access the self-paced tutorial below.
  • Windows (laptops & desktops) – Access the self-paced tutorial below.

Part 2 – Google Drive (including sharing permissions)

Coming in December 2016!

Part 3 – Google Classroom Navigation

Coming in January 2017!

Part 4 – Google Takeout (Cloud Storage Migration)

Coming in February 2017!