Options for Editing PDF Documents without Adobe Pro Software

Most of us don’t have licenses to the professional versions of Adobe software, so when we need to edit PDF files, we are forced to get creative.  Below, you will find two very different options for editing PDF files.  Read the blog post and view the tutorials to find out more about the unique applications for each option.  Thanks to Jason Niehoff for the inspiration!

Option One – Convert & Edit PDFs Using Microsoft Word (Windows machines only)

This option allows a user to open a PDF with Microsoft Word in order to edit that file. However, this option ONLY works with digitally-generated PDF files; it doesn’t work with PDF files that were generated with scanners or screenshots.  The process is also minimally successful with PDF documents that incorporate lots of graphics and tables.  The most common uses for this process are personalizing, editing, or updating an existing PDF file.

Option Two – Use DocHub to Edit PDFs assigned in Google Classroom (Chromebooks & Windows machines)

This option utilizes the Google Drive app, DocHub, to edit and annotate PDF files.  Uses for the Google Drive app DocHub include –

  • completing a digital worksheet (using text box and/or pen tools)
  • annotating a reading selection (highlighter and comment tools)