YouTube Recommendations and Watch History

Finding an educational video to show the class can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. By signing into YouTube with your vbschools GAFE account, you can have YouTube do some of the work for you!  When you are signed into YouTube the history of viewed videos is tracked, allowing YouTube to offer other instructional video suggestions based on the view history.  Here you can see the watch history and recommendations associated with my school YouTube account.

my youtube watch history

When using this function problems may occur, however. Every video viewed influences the suggestions that are offered, including the non-educational ones.  The following will show what happens if a 4 year old gets to watch videos on your phone more than you do, for example.

My four year old daughter’s watch history and recommendations:

Chloe youtube watch history

As teachers we clearly would like our YouTube page to reflect our professionalism and sometimes that means clearing off your YouTube menus.  To purge the unwanted recommendations you can delete your search and view history.  The links below can help you learn how.

To learn more about YouTube Recommendations and how they work, check out this short video: YouTube Recommendations

To learn how to manage your watch history, check out this YouTube support page: Manage Your Watch History


Please do not use this feature to report a problem. Go to the "Report a Problem" page and submit a ticket. Thank you!

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