Khan and Clever! OLHS students have a single sign on for Khan Academy!

Did you know that all VBCPS teachers and students have accounts in Khan Academy already?

  1. Go to the High School Online Textbooks and Resources page and select Khan Academy from the right side under resources. (you may be asked if you already have an account and if you want to set up an email, we recommend saying NO and NO based on what we have seen from the users we have worked with)
  2. Once logged into Khan through Clever, you classes should appear in the Dashboard.  In not, go to your name in the top right and select Your students from the pull down menu. 
  3. Click on Skill Progress and then select a skill topic from the left side. Click Recommend to students that need practice and they will get an alert when they log in.

We would love to help encourage the use of Khan through It’s Academic classes and plan to begin implementing this in a few select study blocks in the coming weeks.  If you would like to work together on implementing Khan Academy, please feel free to contact the PodSquad.  The user interface has changed a bit over the years and with our new “single sign-on” integration, it seems easier than ever to get started!  Here is a video that one of our PodSquad members created to get students started using Khan Academy.  Thanks Anthony!


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